830 Mission Ridge Road
Rossville, Georgia 30741

Motor Vehicle Sales Since 2007

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Who we are at
3 Notch Auto, LLC
Wholesale, Retail, Outside Finance, In-House Finance, or bring your own financing...we welcome all options when it comes to selling our vehicles.

We welcome trade-ins, we buy salvage vehicles, we buy them needing repairs. To define it in one sentence;

If we can make a profit on it, we will buy it or trade for it.
We've been in business since 2007
Kevin Powell started this business  in 2007 with one goal in mind. He wanted to build a reputation selling motor vehicles that people wanted, that he could be proud of, and began standing behind what he sells.

He has built a business and his reputation and by doing both, he continues to out-sell any and all competitors. Automotive sales are tough, and while we endure some tough days every now and then, the edge that 3 Notch Auto, LLC has is simple; We sell only the finest vehicles that can be found. AND, if they are not in the finest shape when we buy them, by the time we sell them, they are ready to serve you for years to come.

In November, 2016, we broke ground on a capital expansion that included the purchase of land, a shop, and are in the middle of building a new office facility, a log cabin that will have two offices, a waiting room for customers, a restroom, kitchen facilities, and a functioning fireplace.

When it is finished this spring, you can count on the photos going online on this site.